Culinary stay at the Finca RUMAH JALHAY

After several tryouts, there are already a huge number of enthusiastic ambassadors. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday I will surprise guests at the Chef’s Table with my dishes. Groups of up to 15 people can join.
culinair pool img

In addition to my outdoor kitchen, there is a large terrace around the pool and a spacious roof terrace. So there is room for more guests and special occasions. Enjoy breathtaking mountain views there!


For guests who would like to spend the night after an enjoyable evening can reserve a room by mail or phone. On the Finca there are 2 large rooms available (2 x 2 persons) and I work together with Casita Campoverde where a Casita (cottage) and several rooms are available.

I moved to Spain to realize my culinary dream. Ultimately, I want to realize the tastiest outdoor kitchen in Murcia. Everything is available for this
Send an email to with your ideas and reservation requirements and I will get back to you soon.


Collaborating with a culinary guide allows my guests to discover downtown Murcia. Enjoy the authentic Spanish atmosphere at the Mercado de Abastos de Verónicas, the great tapas bars, beautiful restaurants and producers of local products!


After returning from Murcia, we can make lunch or dinner together while enjoying a nice glass of wine with the purchased products.



There are wonderful opportunities to go into the mountains with a guide. This can be done on foot or by mountain bikes. The Finca is located at the foot of the Muralles de Kingkong; one of the most popular Hike and mountain bike treks of Murcia. Once you reach the top of this mountain you will enjoy breathtaking views of both Murcia, landscapes and Mar Menor! Of course, this expedition ends with a tasty lunch at the Finca.


I would like to take you and my wine supplier to the most beautiful wine estates and bodegas of the region. There we can enjoy a tour and taste the finest wines.

wheat field
olive oil


Around the Finca are 10 olive trees that guarantee about 80 liters of olive oil. From September it is possible to harvest your own olives. The harvest is of course culinary framed by me. We go with your harvest to a producer who will press the olives into a delicious olive oil that you can use at home in your own kitchen.


After the visit to the olive oil producer we conclude with a delicious lunch or dinner in the outdoor kitchen.